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July 18, 2023

Helping Your Child Talk About Their Feelings

Emotions are complex and talking about them can be complicated for anyone, let alone for children who are still navigating many mental, physical, and emotional developments. Articulating feelings and utilizing emotional language…

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July 7, 2023

Circle of Care’s Community Space, “The Circle,” Grand Opening

On June 27th, The Circle opened its doors to the community! This is Circle of Care’s new, centrally-located and youth-friendly satellite space, located in the heart of the city of Paterson, at Center City Mall.

The Circle…

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May 24, 2023

Contacting Your Legislator in a Meaningful Way

Reaching out to your local elected officials can be an integral part of advocating for change you would like to see in the community or for your CMO. Before reaching out, it can be helpful to think about a few things to ensure…

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May 8, 2023

Legislative Breakfast

Through the years, the Care Management Organizations (CMO) in NJ have recognized the power of advocating either on behalf of our organizations and the families we serve. This has led to the development of an Advocacy Committee…

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March 2, 2023

Talent Wars’ Toll on Human Services – and How You Can Help

It’s no secret: Today’s hiring landscape has teeth. 

In what’s been dubbed The Great Resignation[1], employees nationwide are putting in notice at unprecedented rates. Many are leaving jobs to take advantage of incentives…

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January 2, 2023

The Mental Health Crisis and Our Children

America’s children and teens are facing a mental health crisis widely tied to the social impact of COVID-19. 

In a 2020 survey by the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, 71% of parents said remote schooling…

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November 25, 2022

Circle of Care CMO at the Passaic County Fair

This summer, Circle of Care was present at the Passaic County Fair, held on 8/11-8/14 in Garret Mountain Reservation. Staff members volunteered their time to engage with families in attendance, share resources, information and…

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