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Our young people are in crisis but youth and their families aren’t alone. New Jersey CMOs are here to support youth from age 5 until their 21st birthday struggling in the areas of mental health, behavioral health, substance use, or developmental disabilities.

How do I get help for my child?

In order to work with a CMO, families will need to be referred by PerformCare New Jersey, a behavioral health administrative services organization. When families contact PerformCare, a coordinator will ask you some basic questions to help determine if your family needs immediate assistance. To contact PerformCare and have this intake conversation, call 877-652-7624.

If you’d like to learn more about what to expect when you speak to PerformCare and what happens after that conversation or learn more about working with a CMO, you can contact the CMO that serves your county. To find and contact your local CMO, click here. Your local CMO cannot begin working with your child until PerformCare refers them.

What happens after the PerformCare intake conversation?

A Care Coordinator will contact a Clinician to complete a Needs Assessment, to determine if you need more intensive support such as community-based care management services for your child.

What happens after the Needs Assessment?

If your child has need for intensive wraparound care and support services and can benefit from a dedicated family and community team, you will then be referred to your local CMO to begin working together.

What happens if my child is referred to our local CMO?

If your child is referred to one of our CMOs, your family will begin working with one of the CMO’s Care Managers. One of theeir main focuses is to develop a partnership with the family and ensure their needs are addressed and met. Once working with a Care Manager, your family will select a Child-Family team, which is a support team that will be involved in the planning process. Your Care Manager will also work with your family to create a plan that includes strategies for addressing your child’s needs.

For more information on what to expect when working with a CMO, click here.

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